Learn about the native flowers of Maui. From their vibrant colors to their sweet aromas they are sure to elevate your vacation experience. If you're searching for a tropical destination to explore on your next trip, the island of Maui is the perfect place for you!

Hawaii State Flower, the Yellow Hibiscus became the Hawaii State Flower in 1988, symbolizing delicate beauty, unity and peace, a fitting representation of the islands. This rare flowering shrub found on all the Hawaiian islands except Ni'ihau and Kaho'olawe.is an endangered species.

Lei Flower, the Maui Rose
We commemorate special events by giving a lei, or flower necklaces, to both men and women. We also celebrate Lei Day on May 1st. Each island has a special lei flower and color. On Maui it is the Pink Lokelani Flower, the Maui Rose.

There are a huge variety of fragrant plumeria found throughout the islands. An introduced plan, plumeria were discovered in the southern forest regions of Mexico in the mid 1800’s, the plant is also known to indigenous to Central America, India, the Caribbean and Brazil.

There are a wide variety of ginger on Maui. This plant is used as a main ingredient in many Hawaiian dishes. A variety grown primarily in Hana called ‘Awapuhi Ginger (pictured) is a main ingredient in many shampoos.

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