Traveling to Haleakala National Park is like going to another world. Not only does the landscape change dramatically, the drive holds the world's record for climbing to the highest elevation in the shortest distance- 38 miles, while spanning 5 different climate zones. See our nature pages for hikes, plants and wildlife.

 The drive alone is stunning, taking you through verdant farm and ranch land, across forests and emerging above the clouds with a rock terrain like the surface of a moon. The park is 33,265 acres, of which 19,270 acres is a wilderness area, and contains the highest peak on Maui, at 10,023 feet. 

From the visitor's center at the summit you can experience breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, views of otherworldly landscapes, and discover flora and fauna that are found nowhere else in the world. There is no food or gas for sale at the summit, but you are welcome to bring a picnic and enjoy it in the park.

The Sunset Option. Although sunrise for some reason exploded in popularity, you may want to consider sunset as an alternative. Reservations are not required for sunset, so you can be a little more spontaneous. This is especially helpful if the weather looks rainy an you want to try for another day. 

Photographers claim the warm light of sunset is best for photos, plus there is less risk of the crater being fogged in. You can spend a whole day upcountry, visit Makawao town, tour Surfing Goat Dairy, have lunch at Kula Lodge and try a taste of wine at Maui's Winery, and still make in time for sunset on Haleakala and stay and view the stars. 

What to know before you go!

Fees and Reservations

There is an entry fee for the park of $30. Keep your receipt, because the entry is good for 3 days, and will not only admit you to the summit, but also to the Kipahulu District on the Hana side of Maui! 

If you would like to view sunrise from Haleakala, you must also have a reservation. 

  • Reservations can be made online up to 7 days in advance of your sunrise visit on and are only valid for the day reserved. These tickets are released at 7:00 am HST.
  • A visitor may only purchase one sunrise reservation per three-day period.
  • Upon arrival, please have the reservation holder present with valid ID, reservation confirmation email, and your park pass or a way to purchase one.


Weather is constantly changing at the summit of Haleakala and it is impossible to predict whether sunrise will be clear or cloudy. If you are planning to visit the the summit area at dawn or dusk, please keep in mind the following:

  • The visitor centers are not open at these times.
  • Temperatures immediately before dawn and immediately after dusk are regularly below freezing.
  • Weather is unpredictable, and is often windy and wet.


  • The road up and down the mountain does not have streetlights.
  • It takes approximately 1.5 hours to drive between Kahului and the summit.
  • Parking is restricted to designated lots only.
  • Parking lots will be closed when full - especially at sunrise.

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