When you zoom along on a zipline adventure, you'll be filled with exhilaration and amazing views. Cross some of Maui's most beautiful tropical valleys that you would not otherwise have access to. After securing you in a harnes and attaching to the zipline, you feet lift off the ground and you sail through the treetops. 

Paragliding it the closest thing to fling like a bird. No motors, no noise, no ropes. After an instructional introduction to paragliding, soar with a certified instructor and fly freely over Maui. No experience necessary, and no jumping off a cliff!

Soar above sea level parasailing. Gently glide along above the sparkling ocean, and get a totally different view of Maui and distant islands. A giant sail fills with air and keeps you aloft, while you are securely tethered to a boat below. Parasailing is not offered during winter in order to not disturb the humpback whales.

Stand up paddle boarding in some of Maui's protected waters is a more leisurely adventure than surfing, making it great for whole families. Paddle for distance for a low impact workout or just paddle around checking out marine life. There are rental outfits all over the island for daily or weekly rentals.

Learn to Surf on Maui! The island boast a variety of beginner surf spots with small consistent waves and few obstacles to get tangled in. Plus there is the friendly, laid back vibe of the surfing community. As your skills improve, catch a bigger wave for more of a challenge.

Maui is a windsurfing paradise, catering to beginners all the way through extreme athletes. Fill a sail with a gentle breeze or speed sail, catching wind blasting over 40 knots. Several excellent locations offer something for windsurfers of all levels and plenty of shops for all your gear needs.

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