5 Tips to Know Before Booking Your Maui Vacation Condo

Help is here to find a Maui beach vacation condo that fits your needs, including the best time of year to book and even how to save some money.

Taking a Maui vacation can be great, but a crowded hotel can really put a damper on your plans, not to mention sharing crowded public spaces while we are still in a pandemic.  High rates and loud families may make your trip a whole lot more stressful than you planned. If you’re looking for an alternative to an expensive hotel, our vacation condo rentals give you the comforts of home, with beach resort amenities at a lower price point. Before you start booking your beach condo, you’ll want to read these five tips. They’ll let you get the most out of your condo and help guarantee a fun vacation.

Book early

While you may have been able to get a room at a big hotel with very little notice, the same cannot be said for a rental condo. Some vacationers come back every year, so they’ll book their trips right after they finished their last one. And for the most part, summer rental bookings will start to heat up after the first of the year. Keep in mind that it’s never too early to book; in fact, the earlier you book, the better selection of properties and dates you’ll have to choose from. It will definitely pay off not to dawdle. Otherwise, you may not be able to secure a booking.

Here is a little insight into getting a good price on a condo. While you can get some great last-minute bargains through Destination Maui Vacations, the best deals are generally booked months out and here’s why. Accommodation booking across the industry has gotten very sophisticated. As inventory fills up across the island, prices go up. By waiting too long, you have less selection or your top choices may not be available. If they are, the price may be higher the longer you wait. 3 to 6 months out is a sweet spot, but as mentioned above, you may want to consider booking a year in advance.

Consider off-peak

Maui vacationSometimes, you have to take a vacation when you can get the time off, and this may fall during a popular time of the year. If you book early enough, that won’t be a problem. But if you’re looking to beat the crowds and save a bit of money, you may want to try to take a vacation in Spring or Fall, rather than Summer, during Maui’s peak winter season from December through February, during Spring Break or other holidays.

The good news (for you) is this year we have more availability currently showing for summer of 2021 due to a slow recovery in travel because of COVID-19. At the same time, the health and safety measures put in place by the State of Hawaii make Maui one of the safest fly-to destinations in the United States.

Read reviews

Maui condo reviewReviews can provide valuable information about a given property or rental company. Starting two years ago, we enabled guests to leave reviews on each unit we manage. Take a look at customer testimonials! While we maintain quality standards across Maui vacation rentals we manage, units are individually owned, have different décor and features. We show a complete set of unit and property photos and thorough descriptions so you can see exactly what you are booking. A unit with a high-end remodel may command a little higher price, but maybe you want something more simple or beachy. Matching your style and expectations is one of the smartest things you can do before booking.

Choose your location

Note that Destination Maui Vacations manages over 100 beach condominiums on Maui, spread out over three popular destinations on the island.  A great way to start exploring Maui is to check out our Island Overview page. This will give you a baseline of information to then choose which part of the island to stay. Then, review the overall resort page to see the location of different resorts and a brief description.  

The best way to get information

We have found that most guests appreciate getting detailed information when they have questions. The best way to do this is by email, and avoid playing phone tag due to our time difference or if we are out on property assisting guests. Our contact form will prompt you for information that will help us guide you through the booking process, or you can ask general questions. If you know which property you are interested in, you can contact the resort manager directly through our contact page. If you’re looking for a tropical vacation condo for rent in an oceanfront Maui location, Destination Maui Vacations can help you find a property you’ll love!

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