Keeping You Safe with New Cleaning and Sanitation Guidelines

While health and safety of our guests and staff is always top of mind for Destination Maui Vacations, we are implementing an extensive new cleaning program in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our new protocols include even more rigorous sanitation, using CDC approved disinfection supplies and protocols.

Cleaning Time. Following the currently available WHO information regarding how long respiratory droplets remain in the air, we are allowing a window of time between guest check-out and cleaning. Also, our cleaners will be spending extra time in each unit. To accommodate this extra time requirement, we have moved the checkout time earlier, to 10:00 am and check-in time later, to 4 pm.

Personal protective equipment (PPE).  All housekeepers and maintenance staff wear masks and disposable gloves, following guidelines for safe use and removal. In some instances, a face shield or splash goggles are also worn.

Wellness. Cleaners are not allowed to come to work when sick, or displaying COVID-19 symptoms

Hygiene. All field staff have been briefed on proper hand washing protocols and other CDC recommended hygiene.

Products, Cleaning Agents, and Equipment. Disinfecting products are from the EPA approved list of products.

Cleaning Time and Budget. Because of the additional time required to clean each unit, additional compensation was needed for field staff. The new temporary cleaning fees will be listed on your booking statement.

Cleaning Procedures. Cleaning procedures have been enhanced to address sanitizing high touch areas, trash removal methods, sanitizing hard and soft surfaces, including bedding. Most units will have a clean sheet on top of comforters (or duvet cover), washable pillow and mattress covers.

Assurance Card. A note from housekeeping assures each guest the unit has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized using enhanced protocols.

 What We Ask of Guests

  • Due to additional cleaning and necessary vacancy times, we are not able to allow early check in and check out at this time. Guests will not be able to enter the unit early to drop off bags.
  • To minimize interaction, we ask that guest report any maintenance issues, but allow us to wait to make repairs until after check-out, unless it is an emergency.
  • As part of the guest departure duties, guests will be asked to turn on all ceiling fans.
  • We will also ask guests to follow remote check-in and check-out procedures, minimizing staff interaction.
  • Guests are asked to not flush any cleaning wipes or anything but toilet paper and organic (bodily) materials down toilet.
  • Should you become ill during your stay, please seek medical attention and a COVID-19 test. If necessary, we can further advise you on quarantine resources such as food delivery.
  • Some common areas, including pools, may have further restrictions following social distancing guidelines. Some areas may be temporarily closed.

Most of all we ask for your patience and understanding. We will try to minimize inconveniences while making strident efforts for your safety and wellness.

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