Money Saving Maui Vacation Tips for Families

Maui is not just for the ultra rich and famous. Families on a budget can have a wonderful time on the island, with great food and activity filled days. There are even ways to shave some dough off airfare and condo stays. Plus, join a group to get free stuff passed along from other travelers while you are here. Here are our top five money-saving tips.

#1 Save Money on Food

We love eating out, and have some great suggestions for family meals on Maui that won’t break the bank. But if you eat out for every meal, it’ll be one of your biggest expenses on Maui. The best money saving solution is do some meal prep at your accommodations. Our Destination Maui Vacations condos have full kitchens. So, whether you want to do some simple meal prep to grill fresh fish outdoors, make some awesome breakfasts with the island’s freshest tropical fruits, or bag some protein-packed lunches for a day of exploring, we’ve got you covered.

To make adulting easier, stock your vacation condo fridge with grab and go items your family likes so you are not spending a lot of time on meal prep during vacation.

It is generally more expensive to dine out for dinner. So if you want to splurge on a big family meal, consider a breakfast or lunch. Kihei Caffe (with south and west side locations) have big portions for adults and a kids menu, including the EBT- One egg, one bacon and toast for under $5. Flatbread Pizza in Paia is a fun family stop for lunch, where you can see your pie go into the kiawe wood fired clay oven. Two pizzas will fill up a family of four, with leftovers! Or, stay in for an early dinner then walk out to the beach for sunset, and your favorite beverage in reusable cup- the best way to end a Maui day.

#2 Save on Accommodations

Let’s face it, more than two people in a hotel room is a crowd. Hotels are also generally more expensive than condos. Even if the kiddos sleep on a pullout couch, in a condo there is an extra room for parentals to retreat to. In addition to having a kitchen, condos typically don’t have resort fees, parking fees, tipping and all the other costs that add up when you stay at a hotel. See more than 100 Destination Maui Vacations beach condos here. There’s even a split cost calculator if sharing a condo with other adult family members.

#3 Save on Airfare

Industry experts suggest booking a flight around three to four months out for best prices. However, you can start looking online early. Check Google Flights to see prices from all major carriers. Look at the fare calendar too. Sometimes shifting your flights to a Tuesday or Thursday can save quite a bit. You can also set up a fare alert, and get notified when your draft itinerary drops in price. The app also shows if the fare you select is low, average or high, based on past data. If it shows as a low price, you can make the reservation knowing you have scored a good deal. Airlines (and most vacation rentals) use artificial intelligence (called dynamic pricing) to automatically adjust prices based on demand. This mean you can also grab low-priced last minute fares if not enough seats are booked!

#4 Find Cheap or Free Activities

Maui is one of those places that has so much to do for cheap or free. Here are some of our favorites:

Drive the famous Road to Hana; take in the view from the 10,000ft Haleakala Crater; go hiking- there are trails for all skill levels; plan a picnic at a botanical garden or Maui Tropical Plantation (then grab ice cream or a coffee beverage for dessert!); visit museums or art galleries; snorkel from shore; go to the beach any time of day-early morning walks are magical, capture some sun during the day, or experience a sunset with a view towards distant islands.

There are a few fun things to do with a higher price tag. If you plan those in advance, and fill in with amazing free activities, your brood will have a fabulous vacation. Check out our Things to Do section for a wide range of activities to consider, or this article on the best family activities.

#5 Reduce Waste

Most people’s first stop before going to their hotel, resort, or condo is Costco. This can be a good and bad idea. You’ll save money on a lot of stuff, but the problem is people often have a LOT of leftovers, and a raft of beach toys they won’t be taking home.  On a small island, it is important to keep waste to a minimum. Keep your early provisioning small, and fill in during your vacation with quick stops at local grocery stores.

If you do find there is an abundance of items you won’t be using before you leave the island, this Facebook Group, Maui Vacationers Pass it Along is a good place to not only make sure your left overs and beach toys get used, buy you can also pick up some free stuff yourself when visiting!

With a little pre-planning and savvy on-island decision making, your family can have the vacation of their dreams, on a budget!


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