New Year’s Resolutions, Maui Style!

Every year around this time, people make resolutions to change in one way or another- many of which aren’t kept as winter melts into spring. Start your New Year’s resolutions the Maui way, and your commitments may stick and turn into a beautiful island lifestyle, even when you journey back home.

#1 Eat Better

The number one resolution from year to year is to eat healthier. On Maui, we have a great advantage, because our growing season is year round. However, finding the freshest fruits and vegetables often means bypassing the grocery store where produce is often flown in from the mainland US or other parts of the world. Every part of the island has farmers markets, with quite a few mom and pop produce stands in between. There is nothing like the taste of something that was just picked. Check out this guide for the island farmer’s markets.

If you would like to add a little protein to your diet, fresh caught fish is one of the best sources. You can go out on a sport fishing charter, or for a guaranteed catch, go to Fresh Island Fish in central Maui, 312 Alamaha St # G, Kahului, (808) 871-1111.

#2 Exercise More

Have you ever noticed gyms getting crowded in January, then waning as the year progresses? Here on Maui, we have a simple solution. Get outdoors. With year round sunshine, you can add outdoor activity to every day of your visit. From a beach or nature stroll, to hiking up the side of a volcano, there are endless options to walk and soak in Maui’s beauty.

Activities like ziplining combine a little hiking with the thrill of zipping through the woods. Or, get out on the water on a snorkel or premium dive trip and shed pounds while exploring the underwater realm. There are plenty of places to launch right from the beach too.

#3 Save Money

You can experience Maui on the cheap and still have a great time. Explore a different beach every day. Take in a free Hawaiian cultural show at a mall. Browse the Maui Swap Meet for souvenir bargains. As long as you don’t mind eating out a bit early, you can save a ton by dining on cheap pupus (appetizers) instead of a full on dinner out. Or, make some of your budget friendly meal favorites in your condo kitchen (or on the outdoor resort grill) and dine every day with an ocean view.

#4 Learn Something New

Many repeat visitors to Maui only scrape the surface when it comes to learning about the Hawaiian host culture. Venture beyond luaus and staged events into one of Maui’s remote mountain valleys and volunteer to help restore a heiau (a Hawaiian sacred place). Maui Cultural Lands accepts visiting volunteers to help clear miles of ancient rock walls, home sites and heiau. Volunteers also plant native plants and trees. You will receive much more in historical knowledge, indigenous plant and animal life information and Hawaiian culture than you give by working the land for an afternoon. Note this is not a commercial venture- come prepared to get dirty!

#5 Quit Smoking

Being on Maui is a great time and place to quit smoking. No smoking is allowed on any public beach on Maui, nor in any indoor public space. You can, however, fill your lungs with sweetly scented fresh air, in a healthy, active environment.

#6 Spend More Quality Time with Loved ones

Getting away from the stresses of everyday life is the perfect opportunity to slow down and reconnect with your significant other, friends or family. Adventure on a traditional Hawaiian sailing canoe to a beautiful cove for snorkeling and swimming with turtles. Or,have a fin-tastic time discovering indigenous marine life up close at Maui Ocean Center aquarium, and save with a family pass. Explore upcountry and stop at a winery on historic grounds, or schedule a romantic beachside couples massage.

#7 Ponder Major Life Changes

Do you ever feel like life is moving a little fast and you don’t have time to just stop and think? The slower pace of Maui, combined with opening your senses with new sights, tropical flower smells and the sound of ocean waves, is the perfect place to ponder life and let your creativity flow. Perhaps you’ve been thinking about a job change in 2020, or staring a new venture. Float some Plumeria blossoms in a bowl, grab a cool beverage, and set your mind free as you watch the waves roll in. Jot down a few fresh ideas as they come to you, and relish in the “me” time.

So how can you transition a Maui experience to ongoing resolutions and lifestyle changes? Well, you can join us here on Maui permanently! But more practically, think about how you can apply these same tips to where you live- eating fresh foods, creating regular fun outdoor activities instead of “exercise,” learn how to do more with less, engage with local culture, kick unhealthy habits, connect regularly with those you care about and take time for yourself. Then you’ll keep the islands in your heart while making positive life changes.

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