A Holiday Idea: Focus on Experiences

What is most meaningful to you during the winter holiday season? Togetherness, planning a surprise, the joy of the season, and indulging in delicious food top many people’s lists. Where we often fall short is in gift giving among family, couples and close friends. Let’s face it, being innovative and thoughtful every year, even with those closest to us, is darn hard. This year we have the perfect solution for you and your ohana- a surprise vacation to Maui! And, as it turns out Santa has opened up occupancy at several of the beach condos in our inventory, available over Christmas, Hannukah and New Year’s.

Why Destination Maui has Holiday Condos Still Available

While most of Maui is already booked for the holidays, we have beautiful condos at boutique resorts, and you have the perfect gift giving solution at your fingertips. But why did this happen? Because Destination Maui Vacations is a local company working directly with the owners of each condominium, we are able to customize some special requests, including longer stay requirements during the holidays. But bad elves caused a computer glitch that made booking difficult for some guests. Their candy caneswere taken away for a whole week while we sorted this out.

We made a list, and checked it twice, and as of this writing, the vacation condos listed below have availability during the holiday season. We also shortened the minimum stay on some units, so there may be availability for your dates in other units not listed.

Central Coast- Ma’alaea





Hono Kai Unit A15 https://www.destinationmauivacations.com/rentals/hono-kai-resort-a15
Hono Kai Unit B16 https://www.destinationmauivacations.com/rentals/hono-kai-resort-B16
Hono Kai Unit B4 https://www.destinationmauivacations.com/rentals/hono-kai-resort-B4
Hono Kai Unit B7 https://www.destinationmauivacations.com/rentals/hono-kai-resort-B7
Hono Kai Unit C9 https://www.destinationmauivacations.com/rentals/hono-kai-resort-c9
Maalaea Kai Unit 320 https://www.destinationmauivacations.com/rentals/maalaea-kai-resort-320
Milowai Unit 104 https://www.destinationmauivacations.com/rentals/milowai-104

Kihei – Sugar Beach





Kealia Unit 208 https://www.destinationmauivacations.com/rentals/kealia-resort-208
Kealia Unit 402 https://www.destinationmauivacations.com/rentals/kealia-resort-402
Kealia Unit 405 https://www.destinationmauivacations.com/rentals/kealia-resort-405
Kealia Unit 501 https://www.destinationmauivacations.com/rentals/kealia-resort-501
Kealia Unit 602 https://www.destinationmauivacations.com/rentals/kealia-resort-602
Kihei Bay Surf Unit G259 https://www.destinationmauivacations.com/rentals/kihei-bay-surf-unit-g259
Nani Kai Hale Unit 208 https://www.destinationmauivacations.com/rentals/nani-kai-hale-208

Lahaina – West Maui





Kuleana Unit 207 https://www.destinationmauivacations.com/rentals/kuleana-resort-207
Kuleana Unit 302 https://www.destinationmauivacations.com/rentals/kuleana-resort-302
Kuleana Unit 308 https://www.destinationmauivacations.com/rentals/kuleana-resort-308
Kuleana Unit 401 https://www.destinationmauivacations.com/rentals/kuleana-resort-401
Kuleana Unit 414 https://www.destinationmauivacations.com/rentals/kuleana-resort-414
Kuleana Unit 416 https://www.destinationmauivacations.com/rentals/kuleana-resort-416
Kuleana Unit 417 https://www.destinationmauivacations.com/rentals/kuleana-resort-417
Kuleana Unit 501 https://www.destinationmauivacations.com/rentals/kuleana-resort-501
Kuleana Unit 617 https://www.destinationmauivacations.com/rentals/kuleana-resort-617
Kuleana Unit 711 https://www.destinationmauivacations.com/rentals/kuleana-resort-711
Kuleana Unit 714 https://www.destinationmauivacations.com/rentals/kuleana-resort-714

Exclusive to You

Only those like you who are on the nice list are seeing the special availability list in this article, while others are out of luck. Once you go online to www.destinationmauivacations.com, you can view an availability calendar for each unit you are interested in. If you have any trouble booking your dates, send us an email with your request to vacations@destinationmauivacations.com, and we’d be happy to help.

The holidays are what is considered “high season” on Maui. And while nothing is cheap on Maui, if you’ve shopped around, you know Destination Maui Vacation prices are great when compared to other oceanfront hotel and condo rates.

Fulfilling Wishes for a Meaningful Holiday on Maui

There is just something magical about being on Maui for the winter holidays. The warm aloha spirt has a little more sparkle. There are ample opportunities for shared experiences, including ocean activities like snorkeling, surfing, diving and whale watching, take a driving tour or experience a cultural event. There are special seasonal events too, from craft fairs and concerts to spiritual gatherings and Santa arriving by outrigger canoe.

Our website, destinationmauivacations.com has the most comprehensive and up to date “Things to Do” section on the island- a lot of them free! If you need a little help booking, we recommend Maui Sights and Treasures. We believe they do a great job matching guests to activities, and have a long business history on Maui, just like us!

Who knows, spending the holidays on Maui might become a tradition for you that gets passed down through the generations. Many of our guests find a favorite condominium among our 17 resorts, and return year after year for the best gift of the holiday season- togetherness in a tropical paradise!

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